ATTENTION: Ash Wednesday is February 22nd. Ashes will be distributed at all services on this day. Masses are 7am, 9am, 12:05pm and 7pm. A Liturgy of the Word with ashes will be celebrated at 3:30pm.
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Sacred Heart Carving

Desktop Pictures

Files for you to download and use

Are you looking for some new photos to use as your computer desktop picture? Look no further! Below are collections of photos for your use taken by Sacred Heart Parish staff and parishioners. Each photo is a link to a photo gallery of files for that year. By clicking on each zip file link, you'll download the high-quality version of the pictures for actual use on your computer.



Download zip file



Download zip file



Download zip file




Would you like to contribute some photos that we can include in our Desktop Pictures collection?

Simply email your photos to our webmaster, and we'll include them in an upcoming series of photos.

Please send us color photos in JPG/JPEG format, in the highest quality your camera can provide. We will include your name on your chosen photos.

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