ATTENTION: Ash Wednesday is February 22nd. Ashes will be distributed at all services on this day. Masses are 7am, 9am, 12:05pm and 7pm. A Liturgy of the Word with ashes will be celebrated at 3:30pm.
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Sacred Heart Carving

Flower Donations


Donations for our 2011 Christmas flowers were made by many parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish. We thank them for their generosity and ask that you please pray for their intentions: 


Intentions of Mr. & Mrs. Peter
James Ahern
John & Helen Ahern
Charles L. Alongi, Sr.
Marion & Ronland Anderson
Paul Andrews
Alfred Annis
Jane Annis
Anna & Matthew Archer

Bill Baranow
Connie Baranow
Dean Barry
Deceased members of the Barry & Collins Families
Michael Barry & Family
William & Edward Battles
Benita Carol Bertow-Putnam
The Birkenfeld & Rydon Families
John Bisognano
Susan Borek
Timothy Borek
Anne & Douglas Bowes
George Bradley
The Brideau & Nutley Families
Joseph, Thomas, Patrick & Bridget Broderick
The Burke & Monahan Families
Dennis Cadigan

Michael A. Callahan
Intentions of Mrs. Donald Campbell
Angela & Paul Cannell
Domenico & Maria Capilli
Elizabeth Capone
Ester Carlozzi
Peter J. Chrisom Sr.
The Cimino & Graceffa Families
The Clarke Family
Intentions of Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Cleary
Mary & William Cluett
Andrea Cobban
Bettina Collins
Catherine & John Comer
Michael Contos
Agnes Cooney
Barbara Cooper
Rita F. Coughlin
Arthur & Evelyn Coughlin & Pasquale Giubilo
Joseph Courtney
Francis, John Jr, John & Katherine Craven
Joseph J. Crifo Jr.
Joseph J. Crifo Sr.
Lino & Olga Croatti
Tom Curran
Emanuel Cuscianna

Barbara A. Daly
Monte L. Dawkins
Vera Day
Julian & Julita de Vera
Michael Deely
Intentions of Jean E. Delaney
Joseph & Helen Dempsey
Intentions of Carol DeSouza
Armando Di Paolo
The DiCarlo & Nestor Families
The DiScipio Family
The Dolbec Family
Brian Donaher, Sr.
Lawrence & Mary Donahue
The Donohue & Hart Families
John Doran
George Doren
Arthur J. Dorgan, Jr.
Patricia M. Downing
The Duffin & Long Families
Erin, Our Dads & Mom, Tom, Johnny, Joe & Jimmy Dunne

William & Helen Egan

Mary Faherty
The Fahy & Prior Families
David & John Fair
Adam Faretra-Antonuccio
Margaret Connell Fay
Deceased members of the Feeney & Messina Familes
George Fitzgerald
Helen Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Flynn
Intentions of Mary Fountaine
Mr. & Mrs. O. Fraumeni
Margaret Frazier
The Fuce & Duddy Families
Mary Furlong

Intentions of Winifred T. Gallant
Rev. Thomas Garrett
The Gerstel & Price Families
Deceased members of the
Gill Family
Joseph & Delia Gioncardi
Sarah & Marion Golden
Claire Green
Mr. Walter E. & Anna Greene, Sr.
The Griffin & Russell Families
Robert Griffith
Jacqueline Griffith Carter
John & Emma Guiney

William F. Hale
Owen Healy
The Hernon & O’Connor Families
David Hickey
George Hines, John Carroll,
& Rob Thompson
Edward, Jaymi & Donna Hogan
James & Josephine Hurley

Pasquale & Santa Iannello
Frances & Mary Illacqua

Francis & Agnes Jae
The Jago & Roach Families
James Jordan
The Joseph Family

The McGrath & Kaizzi Families
James Kane Jr.
Liam Kealey
Richard & Margaret Keane
Mary Kearney
The Kelley & O’Neil Families
Intentions of Mr. & Mrs. James Kelley Jr.
Charlotte Kelly
Mary C. Kelly
Wanda Kiemanski
Donald B. King
Lawrence Kinsella
Agnes & Richard Koch
Baby Boy Koch
Richard Koch
Deceased members of the Koch Family
Karl J. Koch, Sr.
Mary Kryder
Mary Erin Kryzanski

The La Flamme & Long Families
Thomas & Teresa Lam
Eleanor Lawrence
Peggy Leary
The Leary & Conroy Families
Margaret Lennon/Ryan
Albert J. Lewis
The Lindahl & Kenaly Families
Robert M. Linnane
Kathleen & Coleman Lynch
Jay Lyons
For Jen Mac Isaac to get well
The intentions of Anna Madden
William & Mary Malloy
Barbara Maloney
Rose M. Manganaro
Loretta Manning
Charles & Lillian Martin
Elizabeth & John Mazzarella
John L. Mazzarella
Marshall Mazzarella
Michael Mazzarella
Intentions of Marguerite McCormack
Louise McCormack
Marion & Gerald McCuin
The McCusker & Dolan Families
The McNally & McDermotts Families
Peter McGarty
Hugh & Margaret McGrail
John “Jack” McGuire
Intentions of Mrs. Eleanor McGuirk
Edward McLaughlin
Intentions of Mary L. McLaughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McPhee
Jack & David Messina
The Miller & Finn Families
Joseph & Josephine Milus
Stan Milus
Deceased members of the
Mina Family
Henry Mitchell
Nora Moar
The Moar Families
Rosario Mojica
Frances Monahan
Pablo Monteagudo
The Moore & Damore Families
Intentions of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Moran
The Moriarty & Wood Families
Frances M. Morrill
Annmarie Moynihan
Joseph A. Mulkern
Mary A. Mullins
Joseph E. & Mary J. Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Ned & Fran Muscato
Intentions of Mrs. Theodore Mysiuk

Paul Nestor
Helen Nugent

Bessie & Nora O’Brien
Jane C. O’Brien
John & Mary O’Brien
Redmond R. O’Brien
Intentions of Mr. & Mrs. Barry O’Connor
Edward O’Donnell
Geraldine O’Donnell
Helen O’Donnell
John & Celine O’Hagen
Jane O’Rourke
Mary O’Sullivan
Intentions of Mr. & Mrs. Edward O’Toole
Mark & Barbara O’Toole

Mr. & Mrs. John Pacino
Eileen Page
Nicola Palmero
Jessy Parini
Charles Passanisi
Susan Marie Paul
Walter & Anna Pecevich
Mary & Sylvester Phelan
Tapley Pistorino & Louise Tinlin
Carol L, Lissa Marie, William & Lillian Pitts
The Kearney & Price Families

Eleanor Quaglia
Asaf & Pauline Quzilbash

John Jr & John & Helen Ragusa
The Raux & O’Brien Families
Isabel Reardon
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Reddy &
James Cornelius & Mary Regan
Elizabeth Reilly
Michaelangelo & Aldesia Reppucci
Helen & Joseph Ridge
The Ridge & Calhoun Families
John Ridge & Mary Brennan
John Ridge Jr.
Helen H. Rogers
Leo J. Ronan
Bessey Rotondi
Viola Rowland
Helen Ryall
The intentions of Joanne Ryan

John & Joseph Salenius
Deceased members of the Santosuosso Family
Nicola & Assunta Sceppa
Peppino Sceppa
Living & deceased members of the Shea, Norton & Page Families
Eleanor Sherman
Joseph Skotniczny
Donald Slade
The Smith & Seidik Families
Al Staminski
Alice & David Stenmon
Gladys & Eric Stenstrom
Mary “Red” Sullivan
Virginia M. Sullivan
Warren & Ellen Sullivan
The Sullivan & Peterson Families
Agnes & Marguerite Sweeney

Flavio Taddeo
Salvador & Maria Talamera
Frances M. Tassinary
The Thebado & Panto Families
James & Bernice Tierney
John & Helen Tierney
John Tomaszewski
Michael & Joseph Toomey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Trainor
The families of Mr. & Mrs Paul Trayers
Tom & Jamie Tresca
Sr. Thomasine Twomey

The Spinale and Venezia Families
Frank Vignone
Fran Vitale
Michael Viva

Intentions of Mr. & Mrs. John Ward
Evelyn & Henry Webber

Andrew, George & Margaret Yacubovich

Mrs. Marion A. Zawadzki
Stanley J Zdankowski



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