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Funeral Preparation

Ministers at the Mass

You may have several people take special roles at the funeral Mass:

Baptismal Pall
You may have up to four family members/friends place the pall (baptismal covering) on the casket during the gathering rite.

Altar Servers
Normally adult parishioners assist the priest at funeral Masses. Please let us know if you have special family members/friends who wish to minister as altar servers. They should be trained and function as altar servers in their home parish.

In Catholic liturgy, the lector does not just “read the Bible.” In this special role, the lector helps to make God present among the gathered community of faith. You may choose two lectors: one to proclaim the Old Testament passage, and one to proclaim the New Testament reading which you select. (The priest or deacon proclaims the gospel). Our parish liturgical guidelines suggest that the lectors you choose:

  • be a practicing Catholic
  • received the sacrament of Confirmation
  • have the skills necessary to read and proclaim well

A third person (Catholic or non-Catholic) may be chosen to announce the intentions for the General Intercessions. We will be happy have a parish lector work with your readers so they may be effective proclaimers of God’s Word.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Our parish’s custom is to distribute both the Body and Blood of Christ during communion at parish Masses. You may chose to have extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion from among your family/friends at the funeral, if they have been properly trained for this role and minister in this capacity at their home parish.

Gift Bearers
You may chose to have two people bring forward the gifts of bread and wine during the preparation of the gifts. Bread and wine are the primary physical elements of Eucahrist, and should not be obscured by trying to fit in “gifts” such as chalices, patens, purificators, etc. to meet a desire for more participants.

Due to the our parish’s customs and liturgical requirements, the use of our own parish musicians is a necessity. On occasion, an outside singer may sing an appropriate liturgical song during the preparation of the gifts. If you have family members/friends who are instrumentalists, they may accompany the ritual song. Our musical resources include a variety of instrumental parts for the music we use at Mass.

Family Remembrance
Provision is made for a short remembrance by a family member/friend of the deceased. This occurs at the seam between the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Final Commendation. Archdiocesan policy states that only one person may speak, that the remembrance be written beforehand, and should be an approximate length of 3-5 minutes.


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