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Funeral Preparation

Scripture Reading Notes

The readings for a funeral Mass are taken from the revised Lectionary for Mass.
You will need to chose:

Please remember that you can choose readers for only the first two readings. The presider or other priest/deacon always proclaims the Gospel.

As a sign value of care for God’s Word, we do not proclaim the Scripture readings from photocopied sheets. From our experience working with families, we find that the official Lectionary book is not user-friendly for the average parishioner. Therefore, we will have printed copies of your specifically selected readings in a binder for use at the ambo (pulpit) during the funeral Mass.

We invite your readers to spend a few minutes with one of our parish lectors in order to prepare properly for an effective proclamation of God’s Word. This can be arranged a half hour or so before the funeral begins, or can be arranged for another convenient time.

Notes for the lector:

  • Readings are proclaimed from the ambo(pulpit), located on the left side of the sanctuary when looking at the altar. As the altar is the “table of the Lord’s supper,” the ambo is the “table of God’s word.”
  • Readings are proclaimed from a suitable book, not from photocpied sheets. A binder will be placed on the ambo, containing your selected readings, in the order of their proclamation: Old Testament reading, New Testament reading, then Gospel. The General Intercessions will be printed after the Gospel reading.
  • Remember to read more slowly and deliberately than you would in normal conversation. Our church building is a large room with its own acoustical requirements. Reading too quickly or too softly will make the text unintelligible.
  • The customary introduction/conclusion of a reading are as printed: “A reading from the book/letter...” All Old and New Testament readings conclude with a few seconds of silence, followed by “The Word of the Lord.” Please note that the the Biblical citation (chapter and verse numbers) is not read.

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