Sacred Heart Carving


Shortly after the community gathers for worship, it is called to listen to God speak through the Scriptures. In practical terms, lectors are the storytellers of the faith community. Over twenty parishioners, along with the priest-presider, proclaim the story of salvation at our Lord's Day and weekday Masses. The lector's ministry is no less than the task of making God present in the Liturgy of the Word.

When the Word of God is proclaimed in the assembly, it challenges and comforts, encourages and admonishes. The lector's ministry is to proclaim a living Word, not simply words on a page. When the assembly hears the Scriptures, it becomes part of the story that is told. The gathered community becomes part of the chosen people of God, struggling to understand God and ourselves, striving to be faithful, repenting when failings happen. The assembly members are disciples of Jesus, following him and learning from his teachings. The Word shapes human lives, teaches, changes peoples' lives, and brings the assembled Church into an encounter with God.

In the liturgy, the parish community depends on the lectors and Gospel readers to mediate an encounter with God. The job of making God present is an awesome responsibility, one that requires commitment and time. If you are interested in ministering as a lector, please call or e-mail the parish office.


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