ATTENTION: Ash Wednesday is February 22nd. Ashes will be distributed at all services on this day. Masses are 7am, 9am, 12:05pm and 7pm. A Liturgy of the Word with ashes will be celebrated at 3:30pm.
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Sacred Heart Carving

Wedding Preparation

General Principles

As Catholics we have certain structures and rituals that are to be respected, just like a family that has its own special traditions. These guidelines are meant to inform and aid you in planning a wedding liturgy that is in accord with these respective structures. Please pay particular attention to the guidelines for music, church décor and photographs. For the sake of consistency and fairness to other couples, please do not ask for exceptions to these guidelines.

Encounter with the Sacred

Since marriage in the Catholic Church is a sacramental encounter between Christ and His Body, the Church, each celebration should be planned so as to provide a means whereby this encounter is clearly seen and joyfully proclaimed. In your preparation of this celebration, you need to be mindful of the sacredness of the space wherein Christ comes to join you, your guests and the parish community in a visible manifestation of His Love. Anything which would inhibit such a holy encounter ought to be avoided or done at a more appropriate place, such as at the reception.

Respecting the House of the Church

Because of the sacredness of the Church’s house of prayer, we ask you to observe the following:
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the parish grounds either before or after the wedding rehearsal or wedding liturgy. Due to fire regulations and detectors, smoking within the church building is prohibited at all times.
  • That you remind your wedding party that the church building is a sacred one. For this reason, when coming to church for the rehearsal and wedding, talking is most welcome, but should be kept at an appropriate volume. Out of respect for the Blessed Sacrament, hats or caps should be removed and gum chewing should be avoided.
  • Clean Up: It is your responsibility after the wedding to leave the as clean as you found it. We suggest that you ask the ushers to accept as part of their role, to walk around and pick up any papers, flower boxes, discarded film supplies, Kleenex, etc. and help in the general clean-up of vestibule as well as the church. This is really important at any wedding we have, but especially when we have to get ready to celebrate other liturgies in the church after your wedding.

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